Rome 2020


In the academic year of 1969, Professor Astra Zarina and Professor Tom Bosworth, Department Chair, in consultation with Professors Victor Steinbrueck and Hermann Pundt, conceived of a 15 credit, one quarter long, UW study abroad program in Rome Italy. With support of the University of Washington central administration, the Architecture in Rome program, led by Astra Zarina, was launched in the Spring of 1970 with five carefully selected students – Mary Baylon (Dietz),  Steven Holl, Kenneth MacInnes, John Ullman, Ed Weinstein and Young Lee.

As the program moved forward following its historic early years, the Department of Architecture established the participation, on a yearly rotation, of other faculty members; renovated the Palazzo Pio to create the University of Washington Rome Center, expanded programs to include UW Departments of Classics, Romance Languages, Art, and Landscape Architecture; and sponsored many collaborations with Italian architecture programs, symposia, exhibits and guest lectures by renowned urban scholars.  After 50 incredible years, over 30 faculty members and 1400 architecture students have participated in this unique laboratory for comparative studies in architecture and urban design.